domingo, 22 de fevereiro de 2009


(obs: em inglês por que o curso interiro é em inglês)

1.854: Jacomo Costa founded "Jacomo Costa Fu Andrea", that transported olive oil and textil
1.948: Started transporting guests with the "Anna C ship"
1.950: Creation of the Ship "Linea C", the first ship to go to the Caribbean sea
1.980: The creation of the Office of Costa Crociere in Genova with is called "Costa Crociere s.p.a."
1.990: Costa opens the access for all(todas as clasases sociais)
1.993: First companie to merchandising on television
1.997: Fifty per cent of Costa was sold to Carnival Corporation and Airtour Corp. In the same year P.L. Folchi was named C.E.O. of Costa
2.000: Carnival bought the part of Airtour becoming owner of half of Costa, in this year Costa started to use the Italina flag
2.003: Carnival marged with Princess becoming the largest cruise company in the world. Costa acquired two new ships, Costa Mediterranea and Costa Frotuna. P.L. Folchi joined Carnival Corporation as an executive director
2.004: Costa Acquired AIDA cruises and received RINA( um reconhecimento por seus serviços)
2.006: New etineraries, Arabian Gulf, China, Dubai and Singa Pore
2.007: Costa riched the mark of 1.100.000 guests and acquired Ibero Cruceros

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